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Hi. My name is Keith Newell. I am privileged to be pastor of this congregation of children, youth, and adults who find many ways to let their light shine for Jesus Christ in this world where darkness is too common place. Jesus said this once: “I am the Light of the World.” Then he looked at his followers and said: “You are the Light of the World.” WOW! Could it be as Christ changes us into people who reflect God’s goodness and mercy that we become God’s instruments for dispelling darkness in the world? Here at Pleasant Union United Methodist Church we believe so. Our hope is that in this new year of 2017, you may find and experience the power of God’s infinite love and light in Christ. We believe your life was meant to count for more than any of us can imagine and God has sent Christ into the world to make everyday extraordinary. If you don’t already have a church home, come join us as we learn together what it means to receive God's light in Christ and then to shine God's light into the dark parts of our world so that situations and people are changed by God’s love operating in and through us!


Our church believes in service and mission in our neighborhoods and community, in our state, and throughout God's world.  We send teams to Armenia, Guatemala, Greensboro Urban Ministries, and to our neighbors right around us.  Christ came into the world to save us for Himself and to send us back into our realms of influence to serve others.  He instructed us that "as much as you do it unto the least of these My brothers and sisters."  We believe it is our awesome privilege to interact and serve others because in so doing, we serve Jesus Christ, our Lord.

   We offer you a standing invitation to come help us be light and love to a broken, hurting world.


As we continue to look with sadness at the damage brought by Hurricane Florence to our state, especially our eastern N.C. neighbors, I want you to realize there is much we can do to help.  First of all, do not forget to remember them in prayer daily. Flooding is still a real possibility because of rivers and lakes that continue to rise in their water levels. Secondly, Tabernacle UMC, a few miles from us has been designated as a Hurricane collection site. If you are in or near the Guilford County area of North Carolina and would like to donate items that you can be assured will be distributed to those in need, bring those to Tabernacle UMC.  Here is the list of things being collected: 

 water, soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brushes, diapers, canned foods, non-perishable foods & snacks, bleach, toilet paper, tarps and other cleaning supplies, travel sizes for volunteers & safety workers, and even pet foods. 

Please bring these to Tabernacle UMC by September 30th located at: 5721 Methodist Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406